Friday, December 13, 2013


Has been a while since I updated my kucings. And been a while also since the last time I write in English. so, tonight before the mood goes out through the window, it's better for me to post this up - in English i might say.

there's one thing I insisted to share. it's about People.

while you're growing up, you have known few types of people called family and childhood friends. The family where they cleaned up your baby poop, taught you how to bike, to comb, to read, to bath and everything which include the learning process. The childhood friends where they were the most honest types of people you might know. You pick a flower, there goes your friend telling her mom. You kiss a girl, there goes your other friend telling the girl's dad. You pissed in your pants, and your friend yelling out loud 'EUWWWW' and 'EEE TAK MALUUU' without being concerned about what you feel that time.

while you're growing old, you will have the chance many types of people called hypocrites (H), fakers (F), warm-hearted friends and till-death friends. The hypocrites where they will act to the maximum level of kindness in front of you while on your back they called you gay who'll rot the entire new generations of men in the world. At that point, i rather put them aside together with hippopotamus. Hypocrites and hippopotamus, looks nice. Fakers are not even close to H. F are even worst. You heard of F telling bad things about you to others, and when you asked of it 'why he/she would do that' and they'll greatly from the darkest abyss of their heart saying 'ITS NOT ME I SWEAR'. At that point, i rather put them aside together with horseshit.

then you have warm-hearted friends where they will not show how they care but actually they do. Till-death friends where they are and will always saying 'everything's gonna be okay' even you're suffering from disease which will make you lose your hair and ability to speak. The latter ones - are truly shockingly as the matter of fact is hard to find.

Years ago, I wanted to look forward on my life from a whole different perspectives. I wanted a clean life. Even though experimenting mistakes are fun to do with, but that's how one's life should possess. Make mistakes, trying new things. Because you'll never know that you can fly if you don't spread your wings out. You'll never know that you hate vegetables so much if you don't try one. Thus, clean life to me now is pretty much overrated.

You have to meet many types of people. From A to Z, from 1 to infinity, from you pissed in your pants with your mom beside you until you pissed in your pants with you grandchildren beside you. You have to. Because that's life - surrounded by People.


Anasyg said...

can i quote this :) experimenting mistakes are fun to do with

aneff.marhfiz said...

yes you may Anas :)