Sunday, September 29, 2013

NotaJiwa #3

i found another hope.

then again, the hope fades away - with no one by me. 
i want to try again, to feel to be loved, to ask ‘how’s your day’ everyday, to be asked ‘eaten already’ every breakfast, lunch and dinner. i want to do it all over again.

what scares me the most, ‘again’ is a murderer.
can i promise to not to break any heart again?

no, i can’t promise anything; even to my own pathetic self.

i found another hope. and hopes always makes me wonder - can i feel to be loved again?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

come and go

i have a friend. younger one.
he told me that he's broke-up with his gilfriend - his LD girlfriend.

i asked him, "did you cry?"
he answered, "no, i didn't. i just feel sad because we shared lots of great moments together. and she end up after a long serious talk, asked for a break up. i was speechless"

LDR isn't as easy as he sees. patience, honesty and trust are the keys. the distance is just a test. his girlfriend asked for a break up, then he should be proud because he'd remain in the relationship while his girl is failing. his girl has failed, to me.

i like your coolness, friend. i believe that you believe that she has lost a guy who loves his girl so much. also shows that guys are strong enough to face a break up, compared to girls :P *sexist*

life is unpredictable, people come and go - he told me and i smiled proudly.